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Selenium Training in Java


Quotes Hi all, this is Nagaraj Hebbar i have taken the training from Ramesh sir he is one of the best trainer i have found. He will explain you each and everything simple and easily understandable. After taking the training from him i am able to handle the Automation project in my company and Full Satisfied with his training. Quotes
Nagaraj Hebbar
Full Satisfied

Quotes "Hi people, this training is one of the best technical class room training i have ever attended. It's very comprehensive and lives upto the corporate standards in terms of technical feed provided. Its worthy to try and invest time in this training camp. Last but not least trainer ensures every one in class is able to catch up to required wave length. Enjoy learning :) Quotes

Quotes Usually in IT we address with names, but this person is one among exception he needs to called SIR. His explanation is impressive, he makes even difficult concept very simple. Quotes

Quotes Hi all, I have taken up online training with Ramesh. First thing I observed in him was he has lot of patience. His teaching was simple, clear and easily understandable. His way of teaching programming was simply super. For those who wants to learn selenium, I highly recommend them to undergo training with him. Quotes
Sudheer Reddy T
Simple,Clear and Understandable

Quotes Hi Everyone, I am very impressed by his training. I didn't know anything in Selenium when i went to him, but he made to handle my projects on my own. Its my luck that takes me to him. Quotes
Best trainer

Quotes Hi everyone...his teaching is very simple and effective. Easily understandable .it is really worth it. Quotes
Dilip William
Really Good...

Quotes Hi Friends, Any one can learn Selenium, who is not from a computer background with only knowledge of Manual Testing, when he teaches Selenium. What i know is, he knows everything in selenium.......... Quotes
Full Satisification

Quotes Hey all, Seriously i am VERY Much satisfied... he teaches it very well :) as simple as above .. he teaches things :) Quotes
Very much happy with what he has though